Monday, March 23, 2009


I've been playing with packing tape transfers. For these postcards I layered tape-lifted images onto old 7-Eleven waxed paper that I got from god knows where. The images add a cool transparency and go well with the dot tape I got from Target.

Friday Openings

Fernando Reyes at the Reaves Gallery

Richard Perri at the Market Street Gallery

Oleg Osipoff at SF Arc

Went to 3 openings on Friday night. Our first stop was at SF Arc in Glen Park. This was formerly Sweet Sue's, that used to make great pies. Osipoff had the visitors participate in making offset prints from running rollers over inked textured surfaces. His abstract works are called Life Underground.

Then to Market Street Gallery to view Richard Perri's paintings called Iconsthatlast, the Java Huts. He likes these old, tacky eateries.

Finally we went to the Reaves Gallery to see Fernandy Reyes' works. He uses a combination of oils, collage and printmaking. The collection is called Sweet Dreams.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Benefit Art Auction: Part II

Left to right: Laurie Wyman-Herson, "Ode to Morandi (watercolor), Julie Nelson, "Untitled" (mixed media on panel), Kay Marshall, "Unstill" (monotype with oil crayon and graphite)

Richard Bolingbroke, "Studio Still Life #1" (limited edition 1/25 giclee print)

Zabrina Tipton, "Bay Bridge and Hills" (fuji archive photograph, limited & signed edition 2/25)

We picked up these five pieces at the Artspan Benefit Art Auction on Saturday night. What a pleasure to collect original works of art!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Benefit Art Auction

Somarts Gallery filled to capacity with art aficionados and artists

Guests discuss artwork with Executive Director

Beautiful pieces up for bid

This yearly Artspan event is the best kept secret in town for buying great art by San Francisco artists. The silent auction starts at 1/3 of the value of the work. Many pieces are priced modestly, which means that you'll find original art that fit your budget. Despite the recession, artists gave generously and the public who attended reaped the benefits. Purchases helped ArtSpan continue its youth arts program that brings art education to public schools. As a contributing artist, I'm proud to be part of Benefit Art Auction.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Market Street Comics

Today was the perfect day to photograph Briana Miller and Thien Pham's comic book posters on Market Street. San Francisco Arts Commission has a program of showing art on these triangular kiosks that stand near bus stops along downtown Market Street. Two sides of the kiosks have advertisements that probably pay for this project and one side has artwork that rotates several times a year. In a Chronicle article, Briana is quoted as saying that this is a palindromic comic - it can be read forward or backward. These two artists are friends who teach at the same high school and have a graphic design business on the side. It was brilliant and cool downtown - a great day to be walking and taking photographs.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Berkeley Botanical Gardens - Winter 09

For Susan's birthday we walked around Berkeley Botanical Gardens. It was sunny, not too cold, with only a few visitors on the paths. I hadn't been here in years and enjoyed seeing the winter vegetation. Withered leaves mixed with rhododendron blooms made for a uniquely Northern California spring scene. We had lunch at Vik's, a favorite South Indian snack shop, then walked around 4th street to shop the paper stores.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Views of LA #1

Watts Towers

Downtown Rush Hour

A wonderful week in Los Angeles. We got to see the Watts towers just before sunset on a day when the clouds were patterned and swirley. On the way to an awards dinner we stopped over the freeway and photographed cars speeding away into the sunset.