Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I visited the Institute of Contemporary Art for the first time. They make wonderful use of windows looking out into the waters of Boston harbor. They had a great exhibition of Shepard Fairey's graphic works.

Boston: Graffiti, Action, Color

A boarded up building in Chinatown sports cool graphics and graffiti

Hiphop street artist flips over six limp tourists

Balloons of all colors are twisted into hats and toys for children in front of Fanueil Hall

At the UN

We spent a day at the UN attending a briefing on malaria, eating in the cafeteria and participating in a tour.

Art and Exuberance

A lovely detail from an Assyrian wall panel at the New York Metropolitan Museum

Exuberant Rangers fans ride by on a double-decker bus

New York Chinatown

I don't remember seeing so many barbershops and hairdresser salons in Chinatown when I was living in NYC!

Early evening - a lovely time to be walking the alleys of Chinatown

A Day in Boston

85-year old park ranger who guided us through the black heritage trail

Hymnals and prayer books in private pew inside Old North Church where Paul Revere and others used signal lanterns to announce the arrival of British troops

Colonial types after Patriots Day Parade

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Paz at 31 Rausch

Paz showing her 99 cent beauty collection at 31 Rausch, an alternative gallery that is located in someone's flat. The corridor is the gallery space. I've been going to more and more of these alternative gallery spaces popping up all over San Francisco.

Friday, April 3, 2009

First Thursday

Lyndi Sayles

sono osato

Two of my favorites from last night's First Thursday openings downtown. Lyndi does some serious cutting and this huge collage of kits was amazing and beautiful. Sono glued together a lot of metal pieces, then painted over them in red. Quite an interesting selection of debris.