Saturday, August 22, 2009

Working with Blue

Started a couple of blue paintings today. For one, I embedded undergarments under cheese cloth, then painted over with Prussian blue. I had an idea for this painting, with the undergarments covered over with layers of materials and paint. At the moment I love the effect these layers have created, the leaching out of paint around the fabric, giving the painting a cyanotype feel. Will have to wait for a couple of days of drying to see what the final color will be and what I will do next. I am making a piece on Heather Fong for the AAWAA Salute to the Muses exhibit in Sept. I've laid down blue paint on cheesecloth for my second painting and am vaguely considering a paperdoll of HF.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tour des Artists - Round #2

Zannah Noe, the raven painter, in her studio at Hunter's Point

Tanya Wilkinson, mixed media artist, in her studio at the Noonan Building

Blowing glass in David Patchen's studio at Public Glass

Rebecca Fox in her metal works studio at Islais Creek

Dimitri Kourouniotis in his painting studio at Hunter's Point
This time the Tour visited five artists near Third Street and Hunter's Point. As in the first Tour, the group got to meet a variety of artists in their studios in a work-setting (well, sort of). The artist has to clean up their space a bit so that people won't trip or be frightened off by the dust, trash and unwashed coffee cups that usually litter the scene. The first time, six artists were visited, some in studios that were too small to fit the nearly 20 people on the tour. Five artists in larger studios was just about perfect. A limo bus shuttled us from studio to studio so no one had to do the driving. For me, it was a nice, relaxing break from the everyday work in my studio and an opportunity to see other's works. David Patchen put on quite a show, creating a Venetian-style vase during his 45 minutes with us.

J-Pop in J-town

TsuShiMaMiRe - an all-girls punk band rocks out. The song is silly - about stinky American microphones. Lead singer went all-out to get the snuffling noises down just right.

Women dressed up in Lolita and Goth fashions at the J-Pop summit in Japantown this weekend. Actually this event seems like a hyped out opening for a new Japanese mall called New People where the old bowling alley used to be. A long line of people waited to get into this mall and it was a definite "no" for me. I'll visit later, when the excitement dies down. Cannot imagine a lot of people buying into the Lolita look here. For one, hard to fit into those clothes. Cleaning bills would be prohibitive. And it would rate a real laugh at the office. I may, however, buy a sun umbrella with lace trimmings.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What About Tomorrow?

Piece #1: Love Me Tomorrow

Piece #2: Thinking About Tomorrow Clears Away the Cobwebs

What About Tomorrow? is our new roundrobin theme. I had to think about it for a while - a rather nebulous theme that sounds lighthearted, hopeful and yet foreboding. For my first piece I decided to make another altered book. My imagery came from a skanky women's magazine from Japan. Many women alter their looks via makeup, hair color and surgery, with the belief that their idealized anime character looks make them desirable. I wonder what they will look like in old age - will their fans love them as before? The song "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" came to mind while making this book. I looked it up on Youtube and found a great rendition by Amy Winehouse My instruction to Gwynn was to have her listen to this song while going through my book.

I received a framed humming bird print & collage from Patricia. It was a beautiful piece of work, with colors I love - turquoise, gold, oranges and reds. But how to relate it to the theme and my next work? In the end I took the frame idea and moved it forward in piece #2. I found this image in an old book I picked up from a thrift shop. How sad and tired these girls look with their younger siblings strapped to their backs! They are not far in age from the girls in my first piece. Life was difficult for girls back then for quite different reasons. I lifted the image with packing tape and adhered it to two postcards. I got the idea of the two postcards from some works I saw recently. They are adhered to glossy black paper that looks like dried seaweed. I found a kitschy bamboo frame at the thrift shop and repainted it. Now I'll need to put the picture together. I'm going to send Gwynn a Youtube link to Broadway musical Annie's song "Tomorrow" Pairing art with music is something new I've discovered in this round of collaborations.

Control Reception

Guerrilla Girl hands out pamphlet

The pamphlet!

Opening Reception of Control

By Jessica and Beatrice at the Muriel Right Residential Center
Over 500 people attended the opening of Control at the SOMArts Gallery on August 6, 2009. Lots of great works by women, the Guerrilla Girls showed up with pamphlets in hand, and everyone agreed it was the best show they've attended in quite some time. Now there is talk about traveling the show. Also wonderful: works by girls at the Muriel Right Residential Center and Peninsula WCA Youth Project were also exhibited.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Painting on Vintage Cards

Went to an opening of works by Marin artist Mike Shine called Flotsam's Wonder Tonic. The location was The Soap Gallery, an alternative space at 3180 Mission St, SF. Shine paints on all kinds of unusual surfaces - just not on canvas. His graphic paintings were devilish and pretty cool. I especially liked a series of painted cards, which seemed too small to be postcards. He found these greeting cards at a flea, the front are family portraits. He liked the aged paper of the reverse side and the deckle-cut edges. He used housepaint and guache and put them inside vintage tramp art frames that he scored on EBay. Very cool!