Friday, September 18, 2009

7th Annual Altered Barbie Show

Tanya revealing her Barbie side

Crowds celebrate opening of Altered Barbie show at Shotwell 50 Studios

Jillee mc-ing the event

This is the first year I didn't participate in this annual show due to travels. Did manage to attend the opening reception last night at Shotwell 50 Studios. It's a great space for this show - lots of wallspace to show off all the dolls and photos. There were surprisingly a lot of photos at this year's event. Hope to be part of this event next year!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Images of Mexico: Dance

Dancing figures at the Anthropological Museum

Aztec Dancers

Shaman dancers in the Zocalo

Because our hotel was near the Catedral and zocalo in the Historic Center of Mexico City, we enjoyed the drumming, herb-burning and the energetic circle of dancers nearly every day. Helen noticed that the dancers' movements brought to life the gestures of ancient pottery figurines we saw at the Museum of Anthropology. Indeed I felt that we were witnessing something ancient, elemental and life-affirming in the zocalo dancers. My favorite shots were of the dancers' feet, which captured the energy of their movements.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Took a class on illuminated paper at the SF Center for Books.It was taught by Oregon papermaker, Helen Hiebert. For the round chochin, we cut molds out of foam core, then wrapped individual rings of reed around it, fastened by paper. Paper shapes were then glued to the reed skeleton. When the paper dried, the mold was disassembled. The magic happened when the chochins were lit.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday Art Happenings

Adobo Hobo at Fabric 8: marrying art with food cart culture

Octo-arm enjoys wine and art at Cityart Opening

Looking at art along Victorian corridor at 3352 24th St

Sugar installation at 951 Shotwell

Home is Something I Carry With Me is a 3-house non-trad venue exhibition. Love the idea of turning one's home into a gallery, love the idea of a unifying theme that carries across multiple venues. I hope more of these spring up in the City. Fabric8 had an interesting idea of combining the burgeoning food carts in the City with art. The venue was filled to capacity with people enjoying adobo, creme brulee, cookies and soup while viewing the artwork and teeshirts for sale. Cityart also had their monthly group show opening - their venue was filled as well.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Thursday's Art

Frey Norris Gallery: Laurel Roth

Hang Art: Heather Patterson

Cafe Royale: Megan Wolfe

Fifty24SF Gallery: The Date Farmers

Detail of a piece by Date Farmers
A full evening of art openings in San Francisco. We started at the Frey Norris and ended up at the Fifty24SF Gallery. I was very taken by the Date Farmers, Mexican American artists whose vibrant pieces were a visual feast. Their imagination and ability to create beauty from discarded materials resonated. Visit for more information about them.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Final: Salute to the Muse

The blue piece now completed. It is titled "He'd Never Seen Her Out of Uniform." It's a tribute to my muse, Heather Fong, and will be part of the AAWAA exhibit this month.