Monday, August 23, 2010

Water Baby

This recent series is in response to the photos of jizos that I took in June. It took some effort to capture the essence of these stone figures. In the end, I decided to depict the pathos of these unborn souls and the mystery of the anonymous women who knit hats and sew bibs to keep these babies warm.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Work of Art: Made to Fail

I've been watching the reality show, "Work of Art," where 14 artists are tasked to create a work of art in a day or two. A winner is declared after each challenge, a loser gets eliminated after much harsh criticism. It's become increasingly clear that "art on demand" doesn't work...or at least look presentable. There is little qualitative difference between "winner" and "loser," all the works look slapped together. It is also ridiculous that artists are made to feel they must create works outside of their media and genres - we may as well be watching amateurs scurry around with drills and brushes. Sadly, I see little creative growth among the contestants, just greater anxiety, fear and uncertainty with each episode. Artists need time to translate a concept into art. They need the privacy to experiment, play and make a few failed pieces. The world of art isn't the same as the the garment industry's. Artwork does not need to meet a production cycle based on getting goods into the stores as quickly as possible. It must be based on an artist's own rhythm and cycle.