Sunday, June 12, 2011

Artful Day

Started the morning at a SBAWCA meeting in Redwood City, talking about effective use of social media and an exciting exhibition about Suffrage. Mike came up with the tagline: "don't miss the train."

Then on to ProArts open studios, where we walked among the sculptures of Vicky Jo Sowell. I loved this goddess piece standing tall against a backdrop of surreal fuzzy clouds.

Then on to some lovely calligraphic oil and ink paintings on aluminum.

Then to izakaya Ippuku, which mostly serves yakitori.

These are skin (left) and thigh (right).

We finished the evening back in SF for an opening of "Sign Your Life Away" at Guerrero Gallery. It featured a room full of yummy lettering.

Location:San Jose Ave,San Francisco,United States

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Flow Opening

About 300 people attended the Flow opening last night. Great to see that many artists invited their friends. Also great to see juror Andre Rozanoff of Caine Schulte Gallery and gallerist Sandra Lee.

Visitors enjoying the scene

Deborah Mills Thackery and artists in Skylight gallery

William Salit with Andre Rozanoff

Kevin Pincus next to his painting

Nite Owl with his work

Sandra Lee

Artist checking in

Location:San Jose Ave,San Francisco,United States

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Grant Yo Wishes

The speed-dating question has been rephrased slightly to: "What was the best perk you've ever offered in your job?"

Answer: That would be lactation benefits. We were able to justify the cost of installing a breast pump machine in the quiet room by demonstrating that it took women only 10 minutes to pump their breasts by machine versus 20 minutes manually, over the toilet seat. We gave each nursing mother a lovely cooler kit that included breast attachments and bottles for the milk. For a company full of young women, this was a much-appreciated perk.