Monday, August 27, 2012

Alison Saar at Otis

Mixed media with glass


Managed to fit in Alison Saar's recent works on exhibition at Otis.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Works in Progress

My new job doesn't allow me to go into the studio every day. Nonetheless, when time permits, I am working on a series of small works using snake sheddings. My friend Judy donate sheddings from a snake that sheds regularly, but I find that it is not enough. There is a vivarium in Berkeley that is a good source for this and I bought several bags of shed in various sizes earlier this summer. In working with sheddings, I have found each has a characteristic odor that ranges from human skin to dog. They are brittle but become quite pliable when misted, and are easy to apply on canvas with gel medium.

My paintings are 10"x10" and the background is white or black. I decided to use monotones for this body of work, to simulate the old black and white kaijuu shows I used to watch on TV. I went to EBay to source plastic monsters, which help me get a 3-D view.

I am working in typical fashion from realistic to greater abstraction. As usual I am tight on my first few pieces and get looser as I progress.