Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Eating Like the Locals

My mother and I have our favorite places to eat when I visit her in Japan. Some of them are places we have visited often, others are places she has read about or passed by but never tried. Both of us lead busy lives so it is only when I visit her, that we get to these places.

At Ekimae, which translates to "across the station." This little unassuming fish place is just across from the Chuo-ichiba-Mae subway stop in Kobe. There was a line of people waiting to get in at 11:30 .

My favorite yakitori place is called Hinadori, and it is located in the lower level of Sun Plaza in Centergai.

It is a tiny countertop restaurant run by a husband and wife team. The chef is a man of few words, though kindly and polite. His ingredients are impeccable. We ordered the 8 piece selection and each skewer was special: chicken/scallion, hearts, wing stuffed with cod roe, gizzard, liver, egg yolk, ground chicken,, and white meat rolled around shiso.