Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Relaxing Atmospheric Thought of Meditation

Artist Leigh Toldi drew this tiny 2-inch square piece titled "The Relaxing Atmospheric Thought of Meditation." It is one of 15 pieces in her Dream Maker series. At a Holiday party she distributed a piece to each of us randomly. I will cherish my tiny drawing which speaks perfectly to what I need right now. 

She writes, "Sometimes life takes us on adventures we'd prefer not to travel. These little drawings are about the courage we find within ourselves to get through rough times and to reclaim dreams lost. Somehow we have to turn what is difficult into something that is transcending. It takes a certain mind set, and it can take months, even years to achieve. It is absolutely doable." 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Signs of Christmas

A lovely Christmas window in Noe Valley. It's an eyewear store with a clever play on glassware. I love the simplicity and elegance of this display.

Wreath made at Mitch and Martha's annual wreath-making, cookie-decorating, soup-tasting party. I went right to work making this wreath. Actually a guest had to create the base for me. I kept snapping the grapevines. She showed me the trick - get a very long one and gently bend the vines around, keeping the beginning ends held tightly in one hand. After that, it was smooth sailing. Made bunches of boughs with Douglas fir and Manzanita branches. I wanted to use some of the red Manzanita wood so cut some thicker branches and arranged them at the bottom. The central decoration was going to involve dried citrus slices but they were used up, as were many of the other decorative elements. However, no one had touched the bowl of gray-green fuzzy pods. I burned my fingers using a glue gun to create a flower shape. The center of the flower is made with an outer skin of a buckeye and a small pine cone. Tied the whole thing together with an orange-green ribbon and it was done! What an absolutely enjoyable afternoon! It was a warm, beautiful day in Sonoma. Drought weather.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Painting on a Movie

Audience waits for Hung Liu performance at the San Jose Museum of Art. Backdrop - mural painted by Hung Liu.

Footage of Chinese propaganda film

Hung Liu paints over the footage but film moves forward more rapidly than she can paint.

A final flourish and performance ends. No talk following this event.

Not sure if she had planned to create this character. It is the last image on the film footage and although it is an image of a man, I think, the painting seems more female - a cadre. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013


A troupe of butoh dancers performed "Threads in Unbound Kimonos" at SOMArts this afternoon. It was a treat to see Hiroko and her troupe dance among Judy Shintani's kimono installation. The same troupe (different dancers) performed at Arc Gallery last summer, as part of the Obake Yashiki installation.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Folsom Street

After a two year hiatus I am returning to my Folsom Street series. The first two pieces were stolen the day after opening reception of San Francisco Summer. I was not in a mood to start over. Now that time has passed, I can do a different take on the subject. Creating a leather bondage mask out of snake sheddings took some time but I like the textural effect the material gives.