Friday, November 27, 2015

City Walk: POPOS

"POPOS (privately-owned public open spaces) are publicly accessible spaces in forms of plazas, terraces, atriums, small parks, and even snippets that are provided and maintained by private developers," San Francisco Planning Dept. I took a City Guide walking tour today of several POPOS located South of Market between 4th and 2nd Streets. Click this link for other POPOS.

Contemporary Jewish Museum with the Four Seasons Hotel in the background

The circular shape on the Marriot represents the lotus. Their POPOS is the walkway between Mission and Market Streets

A spacious, enclosed POPOS at 101 2nd St. The space includes tables and chairs for dining and a cafe.

In the ornate lobby of the former Pacific Telephone building by architect Eliel Saarinen.  

Outdoors POPOS at 100 First Plaza

Outdoors POPOS at 100 First Plaza

535 Mission Street, glass blends into sky

City Walk: Chinatown

Early morning view of Chinatown merchant. Note soldiers standing guard on roof.

Early morning view of the Eastern Bakery, an old-fashioned sweets shop in Chinatown. My friends used to love their angel food cakes and double duck yolk moon cakes.

Originally a Chinese telephone company with Chinese women operators who had to memorize every resident's name, address and phone number to connect calls through. There was no phone book for them to look up numbers - and in any event looking up numbers would have taken too long. It took women with extraordinary memory skills to work the lines.

The Ghee Kung Tong, which is purportedly where Sun Yat Sen stayed when he visited the States from Taiwan. Now associated with Raymond Shrimp Boy Chow.

A faint outline of a door which served as an escape route for the workers and guests of the gambling and prostitution den across the way. A board would be laid across the two buildings for a quick getaway when the police raided.

A fully utilized fire escape in Chinatown

Taiwan flag over building in Chinatown

Mural art of Peking Opera singer

Dragon motif near Le Central bistro outside Chinatown

City Guide walkers basking in the bright winter sun