Monday, December 21, 2015

21st Century Contemporary Art Museum

New Kanazawa train station with expansive glass atrium 

 Swimming Pool by Leandro Erlich 

Color Activity House by Olafur Eliasson

Something that Dwells Inside Life by Kashio Satomi

Eco-Art with misspelling, artist name missing

The 21st Century Contemporary Art Museum in Kanazawa is comprised of free public access exhibitions and an admission-based (not cheap) section. Because we arrived in the late afternoon, we decided to visit areas that were free-access only. The museum is divided into multiple sections connected by white-walled corridors. It has several outdoor installations as well as segmented indoor exhibitions (painting section, eco-art section, installation section). Overall, I felt the collection was uneven. I loved Kashio's fiber art installation but many of the contemporary works by Japanese artists left me cold. I felt that the artists only grasped the surface sensibility of Western conceptual and eco-art and had not yet transformed the media into their own. 

Entrance to museum

Connecting corridors